Active Monitoring System

Automatic monitoring
of your cooling devices

The Active Monitoring System allows us to detect problems before you even notice them, which means you’re always one step ahead. As an essential add-on to all AHT products, the AMS makes it much easier for you to manage and monitor the AHT cooling systems in your stores.

Monitoring is the key

Monitoring and process optimisation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – even outside your usual opening hours. This means that any problems with your AHT cooling systems are automatically detected by the AMS. They are reported immediately to the AHT monitoring system and thereby directly to our service team. Ideally, the issue can be resolved by remote maintenance. If this is not possible, our service team will contact you to arrange an on-site appointment. Damage to equipment or goods is minimized thanks to accurate and meaningful data.


We’ll take care of it!

The services included in our Active Monitoring System.
24 hours a day // 7 days a week // 365 days a year


Equipment & Store Monitoring

  • Continuous equipment monitoring
  • Mapping, monitoring and control of the entire store and its equipment
  • Advanced fault and alert handling for all equipment
  • High up-time: Overview of all KPIs, from inventory to maintenance
  • Automated scheduling and temperature monitoring

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Highly flexible, decentralised system

  • Software-based modular system
  • Easy integration with other systems (RESTful API) such as SAP, Call Manager, CMS and CRM.
  • OpenAPI Specification for all interfaces
  • Password-less system with two-factor authentication
  • Decentralised infrastructure across multiple regions ensures maximum independence
  • gewährleistet maximale Unabhängigkeit
  • Hourly backup of data and assets

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High quality reporting

  • Data transparency ensures access to all data when required
  • Dashboards and printable reports with relevant KPIs tailored to your decision-making requirements
  • Complex, real-time evaluations with edge computing

Predictive Maintenance

  • Scheduled, needs-based and economical maintenance: e.g. when cleaning the heat exchanger (sensors, energy consumption, travel costs, flow and return temperatures, etc.)
  • Faults are identified and resolved before any goods are damaged.

Maximum Service Efficiency

  • Automated service requests
  • Fast, solution-oriented call-outs based on available data
  • Optimisation of operating behaviour to maximise the service life of your equipment (e.g. opening doors)

Customisable Process Flows

  • Centralised, flexible monitoring with configurable sequences
  • Efficient processes are ensured based on different conditions e.g. time, place and type of alert (regional requirements)

Highest data quality & detailed reporting

With the AMS, you can manage not only your AHT cooling units, but also the inventory of third-party equipment. The AMS provides highest-quality data continuously from all connected devices, allowing faults and anomalies to be localised and described more accurately. In the event of a fault (e.g. door alarm, high temperature alarm, network error), a precise description of the alarm with all the necessary data is sent in order to enable automated prioritisation. With the help of these detailed insights, our service team can prepare for call-outs optimally, which also reduces the service costs. The AMS reporting is tailored precisely to your requirements. This allows you to accurately monitor the performance of your AHT cooling systems and also switch from scheduled to needs-based maintenance, for example.

Active monitoring with the AMS in a few easy steps

AMS can be installed in various ways. We always recommend using the DS Connectivity Solution Box. If a customer does not want to switch, we can create an interface to the existing system. If you don’t currently use a monitoring solution, we recommend the DS Connectivity Solution Box, which is highly flexible and also compatible with third-party devices. Plus, you can use it for other equipment too, such as your air conditioning or ventilation systems.

Safety comes first

Our primary goal is to ensure maximum security and reliability across all features and functions.

Qualitative data backup
Your data is automatically saved using a backup service. A backup is created every hour. No AMS component can access or delete this backup. So you’re always fully protected.

A glimpse into the future
We see AMS as a large knowledge database that can make accurate forecasts with the help of algorithms. A wide range of data is already being collected, which will allow us to make our AHT devices even more sensitive to regional differences (e.g. weather, humidity) in future. By continuously improving and refining the AMS, we are realising our vision of reducing maintenance work to a minimum for you.

DS Connectivity Solution Box

The DS Connectivity Solution Box can be configured perfectly to your needs. There are three different versions available. Further information about the AMS can be downloaded here: