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RIO ice cream chest is easy to install and presents frozen goods perfectly. RIO is available in two versions for optimal use: RIO H with straight glass sliding or foamed covers, RIO S with inclined glass sliding covers.

The highlights of the Rio Series

Everything you need to know about AHT Rio

Product presentation at the highest level

The customer’s eye buys: Nowadays ice cream chests have to create strong visual contact points in order to address customers and motivate them to make spontaneous purchases.

Minimal installation effort

RIO plug-in ice cream chest is easy to install and requires almost no maintenance. Manual de-icing is only necessary if approximately 0.5 cm of ice has formed on the inner wall.


RIO offers a flexible solution for both impulse and ice cream sales.

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Everything you need to know about AHT Rio
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-14 °C to -23 °C

Ice cream
-6 °C to -23 °C

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